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Premium Concrete Services provides many services, but above all we are a specialty concrete contractor focusing on foundations, paving, curbs (within 1.5 hours travel area), hauling, and even minor excavating. We also take pride in our extensive work for municipalities, including highways, installing sidewalks and custom approaches. Premium is excited to be a certified pervious concrete installer.

Our primary concrete/concrete product suppliers are: Ready-mix Producers: Ozinga, Kuert , IMI


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Premium Concrete serves your market, because with us the possibilities are endless. We can handle specialty concrete work for most any industry.

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We handle specialty concrete work for any project

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Have a concrete job and are ready to move forward? We can get you scheduled right away. Still in the idea phase? Premium is your resource center, we have plenty of ideas to jumpstart your project and the expertise and skill to handle projects from design to installation.

Pervious Concrete


Pervious Concrete helps stormwater control

Fifteen good reasons to use the concept of pervious concrete on your project:



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  • The main benefit is a substantial reduction in runoff rate and volume from the area of pervious pavement as well as adjacent impervious areas. In properly designed systems, all of the runoff may be detained and released at a rate adequate to prevent increased flood flows, and to recharge the local aquifer as a natural system would.
  • Pervious Concrete Pavement can pass 3 to 5 gallons of water per minute per square foot, similar to natural ground cover.
  • Caution should be used when storm water from adjacent impervious areas is diverted onto the pervious section(s) to avoid the introduction of large amounts of sediment that may temporarily reduce the porosity of the pervious pavement.
  • Temporary clogging is rare, and is easily rectified through pressure washing and vacuuming.

  • A five inch thick Pervious Concrete Pavement can absorb an inch of rainfall before any runoff occurs into the pervious base.
  • The US EPA reports that 90% of pollutants are typically carried by the first 1 ½ inches of rainfall into rivers and streams.
  • Most rain events are less than 1”, and result in no storm water leaving the Pervious Concrete Pavement system.

The Retention / Detention of Highly polluted runoff by the Pervious Concrete Pavement System, and subsequent dilution by less polluted runoff, can result in acceptable concentrations of pollutants in any water that passes through the system.

Filtering by the Pervious Concrete Pavement, detention in the base, and percolation through the subbase layer of the system, may reduce the pollution to even more acceptable levels.

Water Quality Enhancement is due to the filtering of sediments, anaerobic digestion of first flush pollutants, and even in the reduction of some heavy metals.

If the storm water or subbase contains non-filterable pollutants, the Pervious Concrete System can be placed on an Impermeable membrane, and the water detained until treatment, or re-used on site, reducing downstream pollution.

  • This may reduce the initial cost of the pavement.
  • This can keep the storm water in the natural system, and out of the sewer system.

  • Relieves stress on the existing storm water network of ditches, culverts, and pipes.
  • Reprieve in growth for a system that may be at or near design capacity.
  • Reduces the chances that combined sewerage systems become overloaded.
  • Reduces chances of discharges of raw sewage into downstream waters.

Many natural systems live and die by frequent small rain events. Artificial systems rapidly carry away this water with little infiltration into the natural system. An infrequent large event will then overload the system and allow water to infiltrate back into the natural system. The natural system, unfortunately, is now unhealthy and unable to adequately handle the flow.

  • More than half of all rain events total one-half inch or less.
  • Pervious Concrete Pavement provides a runoff coefficient at least as good as sod. (40-65%)
  • Most soils dry out and regain their perking ability in a five day cycle or less.

Natural drainage boundaries and patterns can be maintained.

Elaborate drainage systems to collect and deliver storm water can be avoided.

  • Retention ponds can be replaced by properly designed retention in and under the Pervious Concrete Pavement System.
    • No more attractive nuisance for children to be drawn to.
    • No more fencing and signage around retention areas.
    • No more insurance costs to cover this risk.
    • Reduction in mosquito breeding grounds.
    • Better site utilization.
  • Swiftly running currents in ditches and culverts can be drastically reduced, or even eliminated.

  • Parking lots
  • Drives
  • Break areas, or common areas

  • Elimination of puddles and wet pavement.
  • Brighter visibility at night.
  • Friction levels during and after rains, similar to dry conditions.

  • Local materials. (not foreign petroleum products)
  • Natural vegetation not choked by impervious cover.
  • Less Smog due to lower “Heat Island Effect” of pervious concrete.
  • Less Lighting and Electricity needed due to reflectivity of concrete.
  • Natural soil systems can return to normal.
  • Local Aquifer is re-charged.
  • Retention / Detention systems under pavement can be used for added irrigation.

Chicago Park District Boathouse

1,500 gallons of water in 5 minutes.
Equivalent of 43 inches of in rain event with no runoff.


Pervious Concrete Projects

Pervious Concrete projects we've completed:

LaCasa, Inc.

202 N. Cottage Ave., Goshen, IN 46528

(574) 533-4450

LaCasa – Goshen, IN (April 2007) – Pervious parking area subcontracted under DJ Construction

Producer – Aggregate Industries

1,250 sf | 21 cyds

Mennonite Seminary

3003 Benham Ave., Elkhart, IN 46517

(574) 295-3726

Mennonite Seminary – Elkhart, IN (July 2007) – Pervious parking lot and bike path subcontracted under DJ Construction

Producer – Aggregate Industries

3,500 sf | 58.5 cyds

City of Elkhart

1717 E. Lusher Ave., Elkhart, IN 46516

(574) 293-5070 Joe Cataldo

Elkhart Environmental Center – Elkhart, IN (April 2008) – Pervious concrete sidewalk

Producer – Aggregate Industries

620 sf | 7.75 cyds

Teachers Credit Union Warsaw

108 E. Winona Ave., Warsaw, IN 46580

(574) 274-8787 Jay Miller

TCU Warsaw Service Center – Warsaw, IN (September 2008) – Pervious walkways subcontracted under WJ Carey Construction

Kuert Concrete

2,000 sf | 25 cyds

Ziolkowski Construction, Inc.

4050 Ralph Jones Dr., South Bend, IN 46628

(574) 287-1811 Ron Lockwood

University of Notre Dame – South Bend, IN (August 2008) – Pervious pad for sundial subcontracted under Ziolkowski Construction, Inc

Kuert Concrete

1,120 sf | 14 cyds

Robert Trainor, Private Residence

Private Residence

Grand Beach, MI (August 2008) – Pervious cart path from driveway to lower patio


480 sf | 8 cyds

Goshen Public Library

601 South 5th St., Goshen, IN 46626

(574) 533-9531

Goshen Public Library – Goshen, IN (June 2009) – Pervious parking area subcontracted under Niblock Excavating

Kuert Concrete

3,000 sf | 50 cyds

City of Elkhart

2421 S. 17th Street, Elkhart, IN 46516

(574) 293-5518 Marty Morgan

City Of Elkhart Parking Lot – Elkhart, IN (June 2009) – Municipal pervious parking lot for the City of Elkhart, Richmond & Blazer Blvd

Kuert Concrete

3,420 sf | 57 cyds

St. Joe County Fairgrounds

5117 Ironwood Rd., South Bend, IN 46614

(574) 291-4870

St. Joe County Fair – Indiana Ready Mix Concrete Association I.R.M.C.A (August 2009) – Product Demonstration for I.R.M.C.A

Kuert Concrete

660 sf | 11 cyds

Elkhart County Fairgrounds

17746 County Road 34, Goshen, IN 46528

(574) 533-3247

Elkhart County Fair – Indiana Ready Mix Concrete Association I.R.M.C.A. (April 2010) – Product Demonstration for I.R.M.C.A


780 sf | 13 cyds

Hammond Parks Department

5825 Sohl Ave., Hammond, IN 46320

(219) 853-6378

Hermits Park – Hammond, Indiana (May 2011) – 6” Thick Pervious Paving Under Coex, Inc.

Ozinga Ready Mix

19,350 sf | 375 cyds

2012 IRMCA Award Winner – Commercial/Industrial Products – Pervious

City of South Bend

227 W. Jefferson Blvd., suite 1300 N, South Bend, IN 46601

(574) 235-9251 Rob Nichols

East Jefferson Boulevard Streetscape – South Bend, Indiana (July 2011) – Pervious Sidewalk – Prime Contractor

Kuert Concrete

405 sf | 8 cyds

Indiana-American Water Co.

350 N. Buffalo St., Warsaw, IN 46580

(574) 267-6232

Indiana American Water – Warsaw, Indiana (August 2011) – 6” Pervious Parking Lot – Subcontracted under River City Construction

Kuert Concrete

5,900 sf | 116 cyds

City of Sturgis

130 N. Nottawa, Sturgis, MI 49091

(269) 651-2321

Sturgis Memorial Park Stormwater Project – Sturgis, Michigan (August 2011) – Pervious Sidewalk – Prime Contractor

Kuert Concrete

582 sf | 7.9 cyds

Midtown Athletic Club

2211 Waukegan Rd., Bannockburn, IL 60015

(847) 945-1818

Midtown Athletic Club – Bannockburn, Illinois (October 2011) – 5” Pervious Sidewalk – Prime Contractor

Prairie Material

1,500 sf | 21 cyds

Mizener Construction, Inc.

2900 MacArthur Blvd. Northbrook, IL 60062


SHR Holdings, LLC Phase 1 2132-2138 Green Bay Rd. Highland Park, IL
Highland Park, IL (June 2012) 4,620 SFT Pervious Concrete Parking Lot

Ozinga Ready Mix

4,620 sf | 59 cyds

Brickman Group

230 N. Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60612

Lakeshore Drive Project – Chicago, IL (July 2012) 170 SFT Pervious Concrete

Ozinga Ready Mix

170 sf | 4.5 cyds

SHR Holdings, LLC Phase 1

2132-2138 Green Bay Rd. Highland Park, IL

Highland Park, IL (June 2012) 4,620 SFT Pervious Concrete Parking Lot. Subcontracted under Mizener Construction, Inc.

Ozinga Ready Mix

4,620 sf | 59 cyds

Consolidated Marine

633 Provo Rd., Morgantown, KY 42261

(270) 779-0867 David Gerow

National Lakeshore Park Service
New Shelter & Pervious Walking Path – Gary, IN (October 2012)
900 SFT 6” Pervious Concrete

Ozinga Ready Mix

900 sf | 15 cyds

Underwriters Laboratories, LLC

333 N. Pfingsten, Northbrook, IL 60062

(847) 664-2332 Mike Kaminsky

New Pervious Parking Lot – Northbrook, IL (October 2012) 4,150 SFT 6” Pervious Concrete

Ozinga Ready Mix

4,150 sf | 90 cyds

University of Notre Dame

200 Facilities Building, Notre Dame, IN 46556

Installation of Pervious Concrete at ND Football Field tunnel entrance and sideline for NBC Cameras (July 2014)

Ozinga Ready Mix

40 cyds

Premium Concrete Services, Inc.

712 Richmond St. Elkhart, IN 46516

General Contractor Premium Concrete Services, Inc. Installation of Pervious Concrete Office Parking Lot (May 2015)

Ozinga Ready Mix

80 cyds

Crown Point Sports Medicine Complex

General Contractor Coex Inc. 1050 S. Cline Ave. Schererville, IN 46375

Contact: Pat Colby

Installation of Pervious Concrete Parking Lot 2 (June 2015)

Ozinga Ready Mix

70 cyds

City of Elkhart Public Works Project

120 East Lexington St.Elkhart, IN 46516

General ContractorPremium Concrete Services, Inc.
Installation of 13,500 sft 9” Pervious Pavement Parking Lot (November 2015)

Ozinga Ready Mix

360 cyds

Niles North High School

Skokie, IL

General Contractor, Parkway Forming, Inc. – Mr. Tore Bakk-Hansen 847-514-9113

Installation of 425 sft 6” Ozinga Pervious Driveway (July 2016)

Filtercrete Producer – Ozinga Ready Mix

28 cyds

Personal Residence

#11 Ripplewater Beverly Shores, IN

General Contractor, Premium Concrete Services, Inc.
Installation of 425 sft 6” Ozinga Pervious Driveway (July 2016)

Ozinga Ready Mix

10 cyds

CPD Canal Origins Boat House

2754 South Eleanor Street Chicago, IL

General Contractor, Walsh Construction Company
Installation of 33,000 sft Pervious Filtercrete (September 2016)

Filtercrete Producer – Ozinga Ready Mix

700 cyds

Fremont Public Library

1004 Toledo St. Fremont, IN 46737

General Contractor, Brooks Construction
Installation 3,000 sft Pervious Parking Lot (October 2016)

Filtercrete Producer – Erie Haven

56 cyds

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Premium Concrete Services is a successful family owned business located in Elkhart, Indiana and serving the midwest. We currently offer a full spectrum of services as a specialty concrete contractor from installing Industrial Concrete all the way to stamped decorative work. Owners Becky and Max Yeakey are always looking towards the future. They continue to train and add to their expanding list of certifications thereby enabling them to provide their customers with a full range of concrete specialties and skill sets. Becky and Max have a continued dedication to building green, and by using environmentally sound materials like pervious concrete, they are making that future a reality.

We are proud to be located in Elkhart, Indiana and are actively supporting our community. Premium Concrete has been honored to be a part of the Truth in Education Program, and also supports the Knights of Columbus. As Premium Concrete continues to thrive and grow as a business, we are also laying roots in our community.

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